Lamborghini Murciélago

Or: - A dream becomes a nightmare -

Driving mistake or material defect on a straight Autobahn at about 68% of maximum speed and a skilled driver on board?
Be your own judge!

- The manufacturer Lamborghini remains silent... -

Lamborghini Murcielago
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This website should solely display my experiences and feelings i have towards Lamborghini. It does not have any connection with the Automobili Lamborghini S.P.A. If you want to visit this company's website go to:

The Lamborghini Murcielago - The dream of many car lovers, usually an unreachably expensive one. You cannot measure dreams in $$$, however top-security and quality should have highest priority with the retail price of this car, otherwise a dream might become a nightmare as fast as in my story. The manufacturer did not say anything to the facts so far, and keeps silent despite my attempts to contact them; destroyed dreams cannot be connected with the perfect image. In addition, I thought, this kind of car would play in a different class of cars.

My story begins at the end of June 2004. A friend of mine and me are on our way to check out another Murcielago because the first one that we had a look at near Munich wasn't in good condition anymore and I didn't like it because of that.
Shortly after that I realised that I made my decision. This was the car that I was going to buy. Those thoughts were in my head all way back home.

Because the car has such a fascination on me, I visit the former owner a second time on June 30th 2004. On this Wednesday I bought the 8 months old Lamborghini Murcielago from a private seller who was the first owner of the car and just got it back from service on the day I purchased it.
It had about 5000km on the odometer and looked like in top condition.

The following weekend is very nice. And then it's Sunday, 4th of July. In the morning I have no idea that this date will stay in my mind for quite some time yet forever. On the early afternoon I wanted to visit the former owner of my Porsche who became a good friend of mine. In town we meet two other friends and they accompaign us. On our way back home my buddy changes seats with one of the other two guys because he also wanted to be passenger in the Lambo.
While driving home on the Autobahn something incomprehensible and to today unexplainable happened…

The car suddenly turns right on the Autobahn which is straight, dry and in quite good condition with hardly any traffic, and after a very fast 90 degree turn goes through the guard rail and then lands with the top down in a forest about 150 meters from the place where the guard rail was broken through. The possiblity of a tire failure is being eliminated by experts, also the road was in good condition and no hindrance, like animals or anything like that, was no the road.

With a very bad brain lesion i was put in intensive care and in artificial coma. A heavy and uncertain time follows in the hospital where in the beginning it is very uncertain whether I will carry permanent damage, whether I will recognize my family or whether I have to learn to walk and talk again. Fortunately everything went very well and only 5 weeks after the accident I was dismissed from the hospital.

There are still many unanswered questions… Why did the accident happen? Who is guilty? Who can be in charge?

According to experts tire failure didn't happen and the aftermarket wheels also didn't have anything to do with the accident. In fact they look like they were of very good quality because none of them broke, they were only deformed by the impact.


After looking at the accident under the following facts and criteria everybody may be his own judge on who is guilty that this accident happened.

1.) Too bad that I didn't take any photos of this, but the screws that held the carbon-engine-cover RUSTED.
If a manufacturer of a 230.000 EUR car doesn't think its necessary to use high-grade-steel-screws in the car, especially at places where those bolts can be seen, which would have caused costs of about 30 EUR then I wouldn't even want to think of where else money was saved!

2.) Just as sad as this I find that some of the air hoses of a supersportscar which just came from service are loose and can be pulled off without great effort.

3.) The jerky gas behaviour of the vehicle would have had to be noticed even by a blind mechanic. Because the clips with which the air hoses were fastened were one-way clips i think the clips and air hoses must have been loose since the distribution of the vehicle.
That this again wasn't noticed by anybody in the final inspection before distribution, gives me a great shock, considering what else may have been not noticed or „overlooked“…

4.) The cause of the accident according to the opinion of an expert (whose expertise was found incorrect and incomplete in the second court hearing): The calculated speed of 220 - 240km/h does definitely NOT have anything to do with the accident. The only thing that remains is a driving mistake, probably tore the steering wheel or something like that. Of course without any reason. Then the case was clear for most people dealing with that case. The fact that I had driving experience of 100,000km till the accident and that I was doing motorsports for already 5 years as well as the fact that the accident happened on a nearly straight road in great condition didn't change anything in their opinions.

5.) According to an expert for analysis of accidents, the beginning of the accident and the drifting movement, when the right hand bend of the Autobahn didn't even start yet, this means that the beginning of the accident set off on a totally straight road! Furthermore it is almost impossible that such a car would make a 90° turn at a speed of 240km/h by a driving mistake. Thats just impossible. It would be possible to drive it straight off the road into the woods but oversteering can only happen if there is a single-sided impact on the car.
Here is a more detailed explanation including a drawing of the car's movement:

From this drawing you can see, that the car made a 90° turn at a speed of 220kmh in only 40 metres, so it first hit the guardrail with the front, although I have been going on the right lane. 220kmh is about 61,1 metres per second. That means the car made a 90° turn in significantely less than 1 second (0.6546 seconds). If you now consider physic's laws and keep in mind that the 1800kg Murcielago has a certain inertia, especially at a speed of 220kmh, then it is next to impossible to induce such a movement just by driving mistake. If at all, then just by very hard effects of reciprocal load distribution, which weren't the case. So such an accident can only happen due to a single-sided impact on the car caused by for example a material defect.

6.) Nearly half a year after the accident I COINCIDENTIALLY find this half brake disk at the place of the accident:
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Investigations result in…… NOTHING, because the brake disk lay next to the Autobahn for too long and it had weathered and rusted too much to take conclusions on the microcharacteristics of the broken disk. Two institutions (SLV Munich and MPA Stuttgart) told me that they were unable to tell me the cause why the disk broke.

If it was still possible to determine the break cause and if it was a swinging- or fatigue fracture then this would be proof that the brake disk was broken before the impact in the guard rail and so it would have been the cause for the accident.

How can an expert this important construction-unit not regard as relevant for the accident and simply not take it to examine it?

Or how well did they examine the place if they didn't find the disk?

The black line in the above picture is from this accident and can still be seen today.

7.) A friend of mine who also drives a Murcielago reports that one of the two little engines that pull out the tail wing at a certain speed was broken 2 times within a 2 months timeframe.
The drift effect of the spoiler is missing now. I do not even want to speak of the damages in the lacquer that resulted from this. That are now already 3 of the 15-20 vehicles with this problem, which is about 20% of the Murcielagos in Germany, that are really being driven and not just exhibited at a car dealer.

8.) The same friend tells me that 2 of the 12 cylinders failed for the second time within 3 months now, so the Murcielago has only a part of his power. Of course this is not really good for the engine. According to the dealership he had his car for services this problem probably resulted from washing (!!) the car and water getting into the engine!

9.) When he brought his car to the service last time and complained about a "crack-noise" at the left front axle he was informed that this is almost a "standard error" and is usually being taken care of with every Murcielago that comes to being serviced the first time. The reason for this is a screw that is not enough tightened!!

10.) If you consider that I by far don't know about all Murcielagos and i surely dont know about some failures as well as the fact that all failures that I named here occured on cars with less than 10.000 miles or even less than 5000 miles, then I think this clearly shows about the quality of the work and the used construction parts.

11.) Another buddy of mine also drives a 2003 Gallardo with E-Gear, where there is also water in the taillights… And theres mould all over the trunk because when driving in the rain the trunk doesn't close accurately, so water gets in and makes it wet and mouldy. Also E-Gear is a pain in the ass to drive in the first gear. Its impossible to park or move it slowly. From outside it looks like you couldn't handle the clutch (although there is none, duh!).

12.) Same Gallardo had its engine blown incredibly early at 22,000 miles and although the car still had warranty, Lamborghini didn't want to cover the cost of 25,000.00 EUR for repairing the car at first but tried to make the owner guilty of the damage: there may have been not enough oil in the engine causing it to wreck. But the car didn't show any warning in the cockpit and has always and regularly been serviced at a Lamborghini dealership. It has even been a car that was first driven by Audi-employees.

But thats not enough...

After nearly a year had passed since the accident I wanted to directly contact the company, that should know its own cars better than any experts and give them the chance to speak about the facts, mostly because I don't think it's OK to talk bad about anybody or anything without having things cleared.
In my calm letter in wanted to ask the manufacturer why Lamborghini was so silent after the accident although it was obvious that the accident got Lamborghini's attention, as it got everybody's attention. In addition I told them in the letter about my disappointment because of the missing investigation of the accident vehicle.

Any answer? Till today I haven't got anything back from them... If such a company doesn't think its necessary to answer a potential customer just because they are scared of a lawsuit or anything (that's what I guess), then this truly shows me how people work in this company.
And with this accident i had to learn the hard way until I finally recognized that!

This website's primary goal should be to inform other potential customers about my sad story and help them to create an own opinion about the manufacturer Lamborghini.

As I said before dreams cannot be measured in €UROS but in my opinion, people who drive cars worth more than some houses should also have the right of getting the best quality concerning both material and customer services.

Too bad, that this is not the case with this company. In my opinion I have been disappointed in many points by Lamborghini. Every other little car manufacturer uses high-grade-steel-screws and answers letters from customers.

Maybe I simply got a bad car, which happens from time to time and I was just unlucky. Very very unlucky.

But still I got the opinion that this MUSTN'T happen at all with SUCH a car.

Because you may be in mortal danger as soon as you enter it.

Finally you PAY for owning a unique supersportscar!!

Addendum: I have been in court on August 11th 2005 for bodily injury caused by negligence because i had a passenger on board and i WON, because of the impossibility of excluding and high probability of a material defect.


Important addendum of 02/22/2006: After one more letter to Lamborghini Düsseldorf and Lamborghini Stuttgart from January 22nd 2006 my correspondency was finally forwarded to the manager of Customer-Service in Italy about 20 months after the accident by Lamborghini Stuttgart (although actually Lamborghini Düsseldorf delivered my Murcielago) and after that huge period of time i was referred to the Person who actually should have taken care of me all the time.
According to themselves they haven't noticed anything about my accident and authorized German dealerships who definitely knew about my accident didn't contact the manufacturer or inform them about the accident.
Understandably they wanted to see more documents, and since i don't have anything to hide and i still strongly believe in my innocence i accepted their inquiry. After having sent all documents (expertises, photos, experts' reports, court decisions) to italy i was assured that they will have a close look at everything to be able to be their own judge on the accident.
Another 4 weeks later i was told that no definite evidence for a material defect can be given because of the great period of time since the accident and because of the absence of the wreck (which was obvious to me anyways, otherwise i would have sued them long ago). Three expert opinions which said that a material defect is MUCH more probable than a driving mistake, obviously are not enough for a manufacturer of a "premium"-sportscar to compensate for the caused damage.

What a pity!


Addendum of 03/22/2006:
Yesterday i got an e-mail of a visitor from the USA.
He told me about an accident with a Murcielago where a buddy of him, who was known to be an excellent driver, unfortunately died.
The remarkable thing is, that the cause of the accident is as mysterious as in my case and the process of the accident is VERY similar to mine.
A newspaper article can be found here: Murcielago Crash
Only thing that remains for me is to hope that the cause and process of this crash will be analyzed more thoroughly than in my case, after all 2 people lost their lives in this car.

Addendum of 03/24/2006:
Slowly but steadily i am receiving more and more emails about similarly crashed Murcielagos like in my case. On the following photos you can see an accident whose event is as strange as mine.
The driver, who is a skilled driver who regularly drives sportscars like that, followed a buddy at a very low speed of only 120 km/h, to a place to sell the car. The buddy watched the rearview mirror and saw as the Murcielago suddenly turned right and crashed into the guard rail. Although the road was wet, it was in very good condition, there was no aquaplaning and no snow. Oddly enough this accident seemed to have happened just exactly like mine happened, only the speed was a bit lower.

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Addendum of 06/19/2006:
Lamborghini still seems to display the accustomed diligence with the production of just recent models.
This website reports on already 2 crashes of the Murcielago Facelift LP640, which is not even being delivered by now.
The cause of both accidents is still unclear. Of course Lambo-advocates can say that both times a driving mistake must have been the reason for the accidents, however usually test-drives are not done by unexperienced drivers but by people who know what they are doing, last but not least they are getting paid to put the cars to the acid test. Therefore a driving mistake should be VERY unlikely.
Irrespective of the cause of the accident, a car shouldn't go up in flames so fast and so hard that the driver has to be flown to hospital with severe burns.

Addendum of 07/04/2006:
Today, on the second anniversary of my accident I got to know of the third crash that happened with a LP640. I just want to kindly remind that the LP640 isnt even officially for sale yet, so all LP640 crashes happened with drivers who work for Lamborghini.
Especially interesting with this current crash is that the driver was nobody less than the number 1 Lamborghini testdriver Valentino Balboni. Now if this guy isnt able to drive such a car, then who is? A material defect would only be the most feasible solution for these 3 accidents, otherwise the car really is impossible to drive. Here is an online report on this third LP640 crash.

Addendum of 07/19/2006: reports of another mysteriously crashed 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago.
This time the car engine gave out on the driver, causing the car to flip and land in the desert.
The owner, who is a prince from Saudi Arabia is now suing Lamborghini for the engine malfunction.
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Addendum of 08/11/2006:
I got an entry in my guestbook by a visitor who told me about a new case which perfectly fits in the category "strange Lambo crashes". (Thanks CED!) In this case a Gallardo completely burned down, without even having an accident prior to the incident, but just without a reason. German report about the burned Gallardo.

Addendum of 08/19/2006:
Yesterday I witnessed another strange incident with a 40th Anniversary Lamborghini Murcielago. A buddy and me were going pretty slowly when the car suddenly lost power and few seconds later huge fire and thick fumes came from the engine and the exhaust. The car was less than 9 months old since its registration!
I want to particularly stress that I was NOT passenger in the Murcielago here, but I drove behind him with my own car!
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At the same time I want to point to an accident in Czech Republic. Here a crash with another Murcielago happened between the towns of Chomutov and Most on a straight but somewhat bumpy road. Still it is quite strange in my opinion if a 47-year old experienced racing driver loses control on a straight road and knowing about the road conditions in Czech Republic. Also strange is the fact that the accident happened just the same way as mine has happened and the car just veered off the right side of the road. 2 people lost their lives in this accident.
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What is remarkable especially is that the stock rims broke in the middle, like in so many other crashes with Murcielagos, whereas my aftermarket rims survived my accident without breaking!

Here is also a czech TV-report about this accident.

Addendum of 08/28/2006:
In the latest german car magazine "Auto, Motor und Sport (Heft 18)" the Murcielago LP640 is being tested. Very remarkable concerning quality flaws is the following passage that I have scanned and also the rest of the report doesn't look too good for the Murcielago because they tell about several flaws that shouldn't be there, even with such a "brutal" supersportscar like the Murcielago.

The English translation is as follows:
Considered unemotional
With supersportscars, emotionality can blur the view for reality. The murcielago at first glance looks like being well manufactured but before praising it, you open the trunk and watch the reservoir for the fountain solution. Through the punched cap the broth is flowing onto the luggage. The VIN is hidden below a carpet-cap that looks like being cut with nail scissors. Also on unoptimal roads the center console is making noise. Not nice either: by the end of our test the rear stabilizer made some bad noise: the suspension has dissolved!

Addendum of 09/26/2006:
During the last few days quite a few Gallardos burned down.
For example the Gallardo of a German sportscar-rental burned down without even having an accident.
Also this Gallado burned down in california, being accident-free.
Well, the reason why I am stating those burned down Gallaros so explicitly on is that I now know, which constructional flaw is accountable for those burnings:
The Gallardo got the CANBus technology from the Audi A4, which means it is full of control units, also for the engine. Now, if a Gallardo has a so called "missfiring" for some reason, which means that one or more spark plugs are not working then the computer recognizes this fault and stops firing the spark plugs on the whole cylinderbank. But NOT the fuel supply! The dashboard shows some warning lamps like Cat or Engine 1-6, which means nothing serious according to the manual. However the catalyzer has about 400°C temperature and if fuel is supplied for just a few minutes, which isn't burned in the engine, then the catalyzer starts burning and few minutes later the whole engine compartment is burning.
In short: If a spark plug fails in the Gallardo, a short time after the whole engine compartment and the car is burning!

Addendum of 11/22/2006:
Here is the next 2006 Gallardo Spyder that completely burned down:
According to the cause for the fire is an "electrical fire" this time. I have yet to find out if this is the same as the constructional flaw mentioned above or some "regular" electrical fire.

Addendum of 12/06/2006:
Firstly I would like to add two more photos of the burned down Gallardo I was talking about in the addendum of 08/11/2006. As you can see, the fire was pretty devastating and there is not much left of the car.
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Additionally I got an email today telling about another mysteriously crashed Murcielago, which pretty much fits the given scheme. In this case the accident happened in Kuwait on the so called "Gulf Road" which is one of the best roads of the country and is frequently used by sportscars and exotics. According to the email the Murcielago lost control due to a "Safety Control Failure". Apparently this means a failure of the traction control system.
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Addendum of 12/14/2006:
Yesterday I was invited by Lamborghini to a meeting in Sant'Agata at Lamborghini Headquarters. Because I was curious, what I was going to be told, I of course went there for the discussion. However the meeting didnt create much news. They solely tried to tell me once again that I dont have any definite evidence for a manufacturing failure and so they are unable to accomodate me. Also they kept declining vehement to have known about my accident, till I finally contacted the manufacturer after many months and after many tries to contact the dealership where my car was being delivered, Lamborghini Kremer in Düsseldorf, failed. And this although my crash was in almost every German newspaper and even made it into Radio and Television back then. They think its a pity that everything went so wrong. I however think its a pity that there cannot be found an out of court solution with Lamborghini and so I will keep on researching to find out about the cause of my accident and to give enough evidence to bring the case to court.
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Addendum of 01/12/2007:
Recently I have made an interesting discovery. This website tells about a recall issue of 245 units of 2002 and 2003 Lamborghini Murcielagos because of a steering-screw which might not have been tightened enough. On inquiry at Lamborghini in Italy I was confirmed that my vehicle was under the affected ones. So, of course I wanted to figure out, whether this recall has actually being done or not, especially because this might be a proper explanation for my accident. After the previous owner has not known about any recall being done, I contacted Lamborghini-Kremer in Düsseldorf a further time, because he would have been obliged to document the recall, if it was being done. Unfortunately I am still waiting for any answer, for several weeks/months now. So I figured that the recall obviously hasnt been done and currently another expert examines if this can be held liable for my accident. If this is the case, then I would be able to sue Lamborghini for the first time.

Addendum of 02/12/2007:
A few days ago I got another email by a visitor from Cyprus with more details of another strange and scary accident of a Murcielago. The driver reported that he was only going 80kmh when suddenly the Murcielago turned right and crashed against the rock next to the road. Apart from the mysterious circumstances of the accident it is remarkable once again how easily those stock Murcielago rims seem to break apart.
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Addendum of 04/10/2007:
This addendum deals with two different kinds of news. First of all it is about the freedom of speech. Or the lack thereof. In the past I have put an ad in Germany's biggest car magazine under the Lamborghini ads which linked to This ad was published in the mag's release #5 of February 14th 2007. I got huge feedback and lots of emails and guestbook entries which were almost all positive. Thats why I really wanted to extend the ad for at least another month. However the editorial staff refused to print it with the following explanation via email:

Dear Sir ***, thank you very much for your order on February 21st 2007. However we have to tell you that we made an in-house decision to not print ads of this kind in our magazines because of basic reasons and hope for your understanding.

Yours sincerely
*** ***
Advertisement business area
Motor Presse Stuttgart

On enquiry why the ad had been printed the first time I ordered it, I got the following answer:

Dear Sir ***,
your ad was printed in the current release of the magazine accidentally. We are very sorry, but as we have already told you, we have made an in-house decision to not print ads of this kind.

Yours sincerely
*** ***
Advertisement business area
Motor Presse Stuttgart

Well, I am wondering who called the editorial staff... Acutally it is a pity that you cant have freedom of speech if someone "more powerful" doesnt seem to like it. But I still think it needs to be mentioned how my case is dealt with and fobbed off in the public press.

The second part of this addendum addresses another conspicuity which makes me wonder. Although I do not know of any burnings or any other strange happenings with the Audi R8 there was a burned down Audi R8 preproduction model with the Lamborghini Gallardo V10 engine just recently on the German Nürburgring. Honi soit qui mal y pense... Just another strange coincidence or are/were the electronical Problems with the Gallardo which I was reporting about in the addendum of 07/26/2006 and which were brought to me by an official source, fact? More pictures of the burned down Audi R8 V10 here
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Addendum of 04/25/2007:
Obviously there is a new incredible problem with the Gallardo, which possibly is once again based on the sloppiness and lack of diligence that Lamborghini is demonstrating.
In the messageboard of many owners are currently complaining that their car suddenly stops, the engine keeps running however it feels like the clutch is slipping, accompanied by a very ugly noise. Shortly after that oil is leaking and spreading below the car.

Quote from the board:
Got about half way home and I hear a bang out of the back of the car. I immediatly let off the gas but everything sounded normal right after and guages were reading normal so I thought maybe there was something in the road I hit, but I did not see anything. I go to give it some gas and the RPM's rev as if the clutch was slipping. So I pull over (mind you its midnight on I-40 outside Kigman, AZ) and there is smoke everyhwere and oil running out the car like someone turned on a faucet. Finally at 1:30 the tow truck arrives and dives me back to phoenix which is a 1 1/2 hour ride in the lambo but 2 1/2 in a tow truck. LOS has no place for late night problems as this so we drop it at the house and I'm in bed by 5:00 AM. I'd been up already for 24 hours the night before, I was in vegas. Tow truck comes this morning and gets it apparently the same drive shaft bolts that came loose on the superleggara last week at PIR came loose on my car and the bang I heard was te bolts coming out and hitting the and splitting the oil and power steering lines. Luckily there was no damage to anything else and parts on order. I guess this is becoming an issue from what I was told after talking DIRECTLY to the tech not the service idoits at the desk. There may be a recall coming out on the drive shaft bols o all '06 and '07's............... not sure if its going to happen but apparently its seems to be affecting many G's including the new superleggara based on the info we heard about last week on one hitting the wall at PIR. UPDATE: PICS ATTACHED BELOW. The 1st one looks like it shows some of the damaged oil and PS lines and the 2nd one clearly shows all the bolts missing from where the shaft connects the transfer case.

The reason for those dangerous incidents originates from the problem, that especially with 2007 Gallardos, including the new lightweight version Superleggera (according to an owner of a dealership all 3 Superleggeras that were delivered to him were affected by this issue) the bolts that connect the drive shaft with the gearbox muff are not tightened by the factory and therefore come loose. The shaft which knocks around then destroys an oil and power steering line, which is responsible for the leaking oil under the car.
Whats probably going to happen when oil gets between the tires and the road is clear to everyone I guess. Same if maybe someone is going a bit faster than this guy was. Also very interesting is what another Lamborghini client in the board thinks about the strategy Lambo is following, when answering about the question of a recall. This quote sounds very familiar to me!

Quote from the board:
Seeing that this has happened to several people now, cross-reference to the # of units sold -- its obvious Lambo needs to do a recall.

Well said. But i think they have a strategy like they do not accept any fault done from factory.
For example my issue, the car is 2004 but last weeks i saw a Gallardo thread (with video) which has exactly the same problem that i ve had. And that car was a new Nera.
I ve heard from an owner (Turkey also) will send his car abroad for engine swap also. He told me that the dirts in the CATs enter the engine and make it broken.(not sure if it is %100 true. He said like this)
What afraid me is , some of Lambo owners see check engine and engine bank error while driving their cars (doesnt matter stock or modded).

Here are a few pics of the said bolts and drive shafts before and after
as well as another report of the same issue in another forum.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 06/15/2007:
In this short addendum I would like to announce that my crash and my website is part of a story about crashes involving supercars in today's issue of the biggest daily newspaper in the USA and the world, the Wall Street Journal. You can find the story here!

Addendum of 06/25/2007:
This part of the addendum has been removed temporarily on request of the guy whose engine died.

Past friday there was another terrible accident with a Murcielago.
I have been contemplating very strongly if I should list this accident on the website, because most reports tell of "apparently high speed" as a possible reason why the crash happened. As soon as I have been told by a resident via email, that it actually wasnt raining very bad and the road is in very good condition, I began thinking of how hastily people jumped to conclusions about the reason for the crash in my case, and I reasoned that the truth might be a little different from what the reports say. Both occupants survived badly injured.

Addendum of 07/16/2007:
This addendum has been removed temporarily on request of the person on behalf.

Addendum of 08/21/2007:
Because of holidays and various reasons there have not been too many updates during the last few days. However in the meanwhile I got lots of emails reporting about the same problems which I had to experience. Those however dont only affect older Murcielago/Gallardo models but also most recent ones, how the following emails are about to show:

Quote from the e-mail:
I have a white 2006 Gallardo Spyder myself.
The following problems have appeared and I have to mention, that the car doesnt even have 10,000km on the odometer and is only about 14 months old:
In the first 2 months there were problems with the roof. While opening it suddenly stopped, so it neither couldnt be opened further nor closed again.
The dealership then exchanged the tackle, allegedly this was the reason for it.
Then the unbelievable happened at about 8,000km: Total death of the engine, one cylinder broke into pieces and destroyed the whole engine. I was driving about 40kmh at that point.
After 4 weeks of waiting for the engine to be changed (Ill have to admit, on warranty!) and 300km later: The engine died again!!
The piston had a material defect. Now I have the third engine after less than 10,000km and I dont dare to drive longer distances with my car. My faith is gone totally.

Yours, xxx xxx
On my request if the Gallardo had been purchased at a dealership which I have had experience with he answered:
Yes I bought my Lambo at xxx, what I regret very much, because you should not give a single cent to this man. I cant tell about the service of the dealership, because there is basically none. Neither recalls nor appointments are followed and they take up to 3-4 times more time than other dealerships.

I also got another very interesting email from the USA:

Quote from the e-mail:
I've got a brother owning a Gallardo. Last May, his Gallardo lost control while driving on a flat highway that was dry and in superb condition, turned right, crashed through a guardrail, flipped, and landed in a open field. The Gallardo caught fire and most of the Gallardo burned away in a massive fire. He was pulled out of the crash scene, with multipule lacerations and 6 slipped discs. My brother is currently writing a letter to Lamborghini. Sorry i can't provide any photos of this incident, it is family confidential.
The car was only 3 MONTHS OLD!!! Odometer, only about 4490 miles Constant Engine failure, at the time of the crash, the pillars which support the engine cover in its 'UP' position have also failed. After a rainy day, there was a amount of water on the engine. The second day, a catastrophic engine failure disabled 4 cylinders, so the Gallardo was only running at about 60% of its power, basically about 300 bhp. A few days later it was fixed with a whopping price of $24,000!!!! 2 months later there was 3 more engine fails, and most of the outside screws were rusted. Then the accident happened.

However, I am driving a 07' Ferrari F430, with 6000 miles on the odo, NO PROBLEMS ARE SHOWING. The engine has never failed. Soon the F430 has to be taken to the dealer for a overhaul. Pretty expensive, but better than paying $100,000 on malfunctioning engine covers and failed cylinders.

My friend's little brother, drove a Gallardo. When he was driving, a massive outburst of flames engulfed the back of the car. The gasoline tank was punctured, and the entire 75 litres of fuel that was present exploded. Like your last post, 2 people lost their lives in this accident: My friend's brother, aged 22, and his friend, 21.

Lastly, i would like to report a accident that happened a few months ago, before my brother's accident. A Murcielago LP640 swerved and crashed into a power line, downing it on a building. The transformer fell onto the Murcielago. I am sure that there was injuries, however I am not sure of any fatalities.

Yours truly, xxx

Addendum of 09/03/2007:
First of all, here is another interesting e-mail:

Quote from the e-mail:
I am driving a 2005 Gallardo. Except some minor problems like water in the trunk, ignition problems below 3000 rpm and that the air condition system kept ruining my right shoe, everything was fine at the point of delivery.
I repaired and sealed the trunk myself, the ignition problems have been fixed by Lamborghini after 2 years and I am only driving the Gallardo with dirty shoes because Lambo couldnt fix that problem till today.
The services as such are remarkable though, I have had to sustain 5 of them already and I am thinking if I should abide a 6th?

Service 1 - o.k. + new clutch on warranty at TAMSEN Hamburg
Service 2 - after about 800km the oil filter went loose, car had to be towed to Lamborghini Stuttgart and had to stay there for 4 weeks.
The car had been serviced at TAMSEN Hamburg before.
Servive 3 - o.k. at Lamborghini Stuttgart, oil seal at the engine and clutch changed on warranty.
Service 4 - At Lamborghini Stuttgart, after about 600 km one cylinderbank stops working.
The following weekend a mechanic came to my house and fixed the problem, however not permanentely and the Gallardo has to be brought to Lamborghini Stuttgart on a tow truck on the following week. The left lambda oxygen sensor was broken fixed. The car had been brought back to me by a mechanic. Service 5 - At Lamborghini Stuttgart, after driving home I realized that the rear bumper is loose and water is getting into the trunk again, the air conditioning problem still hasnt been fixed. The holes of the brake discs have been cleaned and a few other little things.
Another few weeks later a mechanic comes to my house again to fix the rear bumper. I sealed the trunk myself by putting the gasket correctly so it suits the trunk lid.
Air condition problem still there.
Conclusion after 2 years: I couldnt drive the Gallardo for about 9 weeks because of the time it had been in service.
Of about 60.000 km around 10% have been used for testdrives, drives to the dealership and back and so on.
They were unable to fix the air condition problem and they rarely kept the deadlines they gave me for the services.

Lamborghini is a service-wasteland!

Best regards,
an irritated owner of a 2005 Gallardo
PS.: Service means at Lamborghini to wait, make countless phonecalls and mostly get unqualified answers.

Last friday a Murcielago has been the star turn at the German "Guinness World Records" TV Show. However, this was not because a record has been broken, but because the Lamborghini broke down with a technical defect and the record therefore had to be delayed. What I found very interesting myself is that the moderator was not allowed to say "Lamborghini" anymore. Looks like they tried to avoid that people memorize that name and implicate it with a technical defect. If a show-car that has surely been tested many times fails, then this is another strong sign of the quality those cars are built of.

Addendum of 09/27/2007:
Because the old video of that Murcielago, which broke down at the "Guinness World Records" TV Show, suddenly disappeared on YouTube, I have now added it again.
In the recent time I have also been in contact with Lamborghini through a mediator, who forcefully tried to help and settle this case. Lamborghini however still declines any settlement although my significant accommodation. Despite several attempts to contact Lamborghini, they still argue like "nobody can substantiate anything, therefore we are fine" and since the end of August, when our contact person stopped working at Lamborghini any attempts to contact a responsible person failed, as even the people in charge, that were named in the last e-mail of the prior contact person, dont seem to think it is necessary to reply to questions. This once again approves the fact named in the very beginning:
- The manufacturer Lamborghini remains silent... -

Addendum of 10/29/2007:
Last saturday, 10/27/2007, there was a bad accident in Germany on the Autobahn A95 with a Gallardo that crashed into the guardrail for unknown reasons and then immediately exploded and burnt down. It is not exactly known how and why the accident happened, however it was not raining and I know from personal experience that this part of the Autobahn is in very good condition. I find it very scary, that the Gallardo immediately burst into flames upon the impact of the car, although the speed was not extraordinary high, because the car did not break through the guardrail.
Addendum: According to a witness, the driver reported that the rear of the car suddenly moved, causing the car to crash into the guardrail!
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 01/17/2008:
Yesterday there was another accident with a Lamborghini... On the Autobahn A1 to Lübeck in Germany a Lamborghini Murcielago crashed for unknown reason. Sources report that testdrivers were piloting the car, testdrivers who should actually know how to handle this kind of cars.
Further details on how the accident happened here (German): Source 1 Source 2

Addendum of 01/30/2008:
I finally received photos of the place of the accident that happened on the German Autobahn A1 to Lübeck on 01/16/2008, many thanks! As you can see on the photos, the road was very straight and in good condition, so a driver error seems now even more unlikely. The first two photos are showing the road surface and the damaged guardrail in the opposite driving direction. The last two photos are showing the damaged guardrail in driving direction.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 03/29/2008:
Actually one would think that Lamborghini finally would be able to fix the problems that I am holding responsible for my accident. Especially when there were so many complaints and requests about the build quality by potential customers. However it seems, that in the meantime the said build quality has not improved at all, if you take a look at the latest issue of the german car magazine "AutoBild" where they sent an editor to the Lamborghini factory so he would help in the final assembly of the latest Gallardo LP 560-4 and share his experiences. I have put online the most interesting facts and parts of his report here, however the report is in German, I am sorry.
For those of you who understand a little of what he is reporting, have fun and be astonished!
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 06/03/2008:
Today there is another mysterious fire of a Gallardo on Wreckedexotics.
It seems as if the problem still exists with Lamborghini.

Also the German Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Drivers contacted Lamborghini about dangerous design flaws in their cars on my behalf. As to be expected Lamborghini answered that they of course did not know about anything and my accident might just have been a sad and single individual case. What comes to my mind after hearing this is the following:

The fact that the German authority accepted these "explanations" without further investigation is sad and incomprehensible for me, but thats the way it is.

The webmaster of the German forum started a thread for me where he wrote a report about my website and my accident and how bad the customer service at Lamborghini is. Thanks a lot for that.

Addendum of 07/29/2008:
Lots of news today! First of all, I contacted Lamborghini once again about four weeks ago, because they kept ignoring my lawyers letters in the past. But as I already reckoned my letter has not been answered sofar either. Would have been pretty naive to believe that they would answer me, posh as this company seems to be. In the evening of July 25th 2008 there was another mysterious accident with a Murcielago in Aalten (NL). The Murcielago crashed in a very slight corner and oversteered to the right, exactly like in my accident. Here are a few photos:
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Also the new Gallardo LP560-4 has been tested and strongly critisized in the latest issue of the German car magazine "Auto Motor und Sport". I will post the most interesting parts shortly.

Addendum of 08/02/2008:
Here are the promised most interesting parts of the Gallardo LP560-4 test in the previous issue of the German car magazine "Auto Motor und Sport". For those of you who understand German, please read and be surprised.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 09/05/2008:
In the past days I have been informed multiple times about another strange accident in the USA. A 30-year old driver crashed with his Gallardo for unknown reason and hit a garage, where his car burst in flames and the man died because of the fire.
A report and a video of the wreck can be found here.

Addendum of 09/13/2008:
This morning another fatal accident happened with a Lamborghini on the Autobahn A5 near the town of Freiburg in Germany.
Further details on how the accident occured can be read here (German).

Addendum of 10/27/2008:
In the meantime I have been sent pictures from the fatal accident near Freiburg on 09/13/2008 which I want to show of course.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Additionally there was a report on the Audi R8 in the Austrian Newspaper "Kronenzeitung" where they talk about a sudden failure of the ABS-System of the car and the manufacturer again denies any responsibility - as audi-usual.

Addendum of 11/27/2008:
Yesterday night there was another fatal accident with a Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 in Dubai at Shaikh Zayed Road. The exact cause for the crash is still unknown sofar, however the car burst into flames so badly that police officers and paramedics could not approach the burning vehicle for quite some time and the man therefore unfortunately died.
Here is a short report about this accident.

I have also attached a picture of the intact car as well as a picture of the burning Lambo shortly after the accident.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ No enlargement possible ]

Addendum of 01/16/2009:
On the scottish motorway M8 there was another deadly accident involving a Gallardo. The driver was unable to escape from the wreck and burnt to death as the Lamborghini burst in flames right after the accident like many other times. As I have been told by a resident, the motorway is in very good condition where the accident happened. You can also read a bbc report about it here. The cause of the accident is not clear, however if you look at the facts then a driver error doesnt seem to be very probable.

Also I have received an email from a businessman from Bremen, Germany telling me that his Gallardo Spyder burnt down after he parked it on the premises. This was already his second Gallardo, because he has returned his first one, which has had a transmission failure after just 6000 km. Its pretty obvious that he finally is no customer of Lamborghini anymore.

Addendum of 02/16/2009:
Wednesday February 11th a Lamborghini crashed on the German Autobahn A4 into the guard rail for unknown reason and then burst into flames immediately. You can read a (German) report about it here.

Also there was another interesting update on Wreckedexotics. This accident is said to have happened because of a mechanical failure. Here are two photos of the wreck.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 03/25/2009:
Today's update consists of two parts. First, there was an accident in Russia with a Murcielago. A witness reported that the car was going about 80-100 kmh when it spun quickly and then hit a tree with its rear.
[ No enlargement possible ]
[ No enlargement possible ]

Also there was an accident with an Audi R8 in the Netherlands which looks very similar to my accident. Even the marks on the road look stunningly similar. It seems as if one of the rear wheels blocked. Investigations are still standing.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 04/24/2009:
A german car magazine tested the new Gallardo LP560-4 on the Nürburgring and they said that two of their three tested cars showed some very strange behaviour in corners sometimes. They found out that this was because those two cars had a new suspension mounting while the third had still the common one. So Lamborghini continues to test new assemblies on customer cars making the customer carry the risk of it failing. Well done Lamborghini, that sounds somehow familiar to me. The report also states that the new LP560-4 is slower on the Ring than its predecessor. If you want to read the report, which is in German, please click here.

The observing Lamborghini-reader might as well have heard about a crash with a LP640 in Russia these days. I dont want to spend too much time about this accident on here because it really looks like speeding could have been one of the reasons for the crash. On the other hand, witnesses have reported to me that they saw the car making a sharp turn on a straight road, causing the car to hit the curbstone which made it flip. So I am not here to judge what caused this accident however there are indications that speeding alone might not have caused it.

Addendum of 06/16/2009:
Last week there was another accident with a Lamborghini in Germany on the Autobahn 45 near the city of Dortmund. Here is a newspaper report which tells about a sudden, uncontrolled move to the right.

Also another Gallardo burned down a few days ago in Greece, however without having an accident. Witnesses sent me the following pictures:
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 07/07/2009:
Yet another Gallardo burnt to crisp without having had an accident.
This happened last friday in Peterborough, England.
Witnesses sent me the following pictures and on Youtube I found the following videos.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the video to watch ]
[ Click the video to watch ]

Addendum of 09/13/2009:
Yesterday morning there was another terrible accident with a Murcielago which landed upside down in Antwerp, Belgium. The Lamborghini crashed for unknown reason, hit another car and then flew against a pole which made it turn upside down. The driver of the Murcielago was killed unfortunately. The driver of the other car remained unhurt. Here are a few pictures of this accident.

Addendum of 09/22/2009:
A few months ago a Gallardo burned down parking on the premises of a trading company.
When the entrepreneur came back from the office he found the Lamborghini on fire.
He is still waiting for his insurance money because they (Generali) accuse him of arson which is obviously not true.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 12/07/2009:
Today I have received another highly interesting E-Mail. The owner of a 2006 Gallardo Spyder with 20'000 km on the clock noticed a heavy crack on one of the rims. It is especially interesting to know that the rim was examined afterwards to check for damages from a curbstone or similar. But nothing could be found, the rim was very balanced and didnt even have a scratch, so the crack must have resulted from a material defect.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 01/02/2010:
Unfortunately this goes on in the new decade as usual. I received another unpleasant email which is about an accident with a Gallardo LP560-4 The owner writes:
I was driving with about 120 km/h on the right lane and wanted to overtake a truck. I accelerated and changed to the left lane. Then the back suddenly started sliding at 130-140 km/h. After two turnings I hit the center guardrail (concrete), bounced, turned once more hit the center guardrail with the left front and then came to a stop after sliding along the right guardrail for about 300m. The right lane was dry and the left lane was a little bit wet at the very left from the salt. It was sunny and temperature was about -10 C.

I guess its pretty obvious that this accident is again pretty mysterious and cannot be explained so easily.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 02/21/2010:
Unfortunately there was another fatal accident with a Murcielago in the USA. As I have been told by various friends of the victim the accident happened exactly like my own. Which means that the car mysteriously swerved to the right, left the street and unfortunately smashed the driver's side into a tree, killing him.

Driver Payman Engheta, 47, has been characterized by everybody as a very experienced and careful driver who has taken many racing courses and knew how to drive fast cars very well. He has been the first owner of his 2006 Lamborghini which had been serviced shortly ago as well. May he rest in peace and hopefully the investigations will lead to the true cause of the accident.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 04/07/2010:
Yesterday another Lamborghini burned down, however this time it was not a Gallardo but a Murcielago.
The fire happened in the dutch town of Noordwijk. The driver heard a loud bang and then the car just burst in flames.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 05/31/2010:
As some of you may have noticed in the past weeks, I had taken the website offline for a last try to negotiate with the Lamborghini/Audi/Volkswagen group. They have apparently taken notice of it, however they still didnt think it was necessary to at least discuss with me. I have a feeling that they dont really comprehend the range of this website. Anyway, during the last few weeks I was made aware of a lot of new incidents with Lamborghini cars and of course I dont want to deprive you of that.

First of all there was another deadly accident with a Gallardo on May 6th in Wuppertal, Germany where a Lamborghini employee drove the car from the factory in Italy to a presentation at a company in Germany. The cause of the accident is still unclear, however the Gallardo burst into flames right after the impact and burned down completely.
Driver and his female passenger died at the place of the accident.
A german report can be found here.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Also I have been noticed that on May 13th 2010 another 2007 Gallardo Spyder with only 24'000 km burned down on a motorway station shortly after purchase on the German Autobahn A3 near the city of Passau. The owner describes that the car seemed to have some ignition failure shortly before it caught fire. This seems similar to the already well-known problem with Gallardos, however I thought that they might have taken care of that before 2007... Apparently I was wrong.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

On it goes...
Then there was another accident on the Czech race circuit of Brno on May 23rd 2010 with a Gallardo Supertrofeo. The crash as such may have been a driver error, however I still want to mention the incident here, because the Gallardo once again burst into flames at the impact and completely burned down. A video can be found here:

[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Last but not least there was a recall for some of the 2007 and 2008 Murcielagos.
In the USA Lamborghini had to recall 428 Murcielagos to take care of a latent fire hazard. Affected are 2007 and 2008 Murcielagos. There is a problem with a pump in the fuel tank. The leakage might result in a fire. In June all affected cars should see a work shop.
Well... Recalls are good as such. My car was affected by a recall as well, concerning a screw on the steering column that was probably not tightened enough. But if the recall was really done might be a different question. Lamborghini Kremer in Düsseldorf still hasnt sent proof until today that they really carried out this recall...

Addendum of 07/17/2010:
A user of the US Lambo-Power board describes how he parked his Gallardo at home and few minutes later it burst in flames.
Luckily he parked the car outside and not in the garage like he usually does. That saved his house and possibly his family from major damage.
The reason for the fire seems to be that the left oil cooler aluminum line burst.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 08/03/2010:
Just a quick update today. No pics but with two links:

Lamborghini Gallardo totaled in Germany
Manchester United Star Anderson is being saved lifeless from his Audi R8, shortly before it bursts into flames.

Addendum of 08/20/2010:
Yesterday night there was another accident with a Lamborghini Murcielago on the Autobahn A10 near Berlin.
As you can read from this source (German) the road was blocked for multiple hours after the crash.
Whats especially sad is, that a five year old girl died in this accident.

[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 09/09/2010:
Another Audi R8 V10 with a Lamborghini engine burned down wednesday night. Apparently the R8 with the Lamborghini engine are most prone to burning down.
Audi of course doesn't want to talk about it - as usual.
German newspaper Abendzeitung: 215 000 Euro Schaden: Luxus-Schlitten brennt

Addendum of 09/24/2010:
In the latest issue of the German car magazine "Auto-Motor-und-Sport" there was a drag race between six super sports cars on the high speed circuit of Nardo, Italy.
BMW Alpina B5 Biturbo, Bentley Continental Supersports, Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche 997 GT2 RS, Mercedes Benz SLS and the latest Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera.
I dont want to spoil much, but the result of the Lambo once again tells something:
Result of the race (in German though)

Addendum of 10/04/2010:
Here are the next two mysterious accidents.
Less than 24 hours after registration, Lambo ends up in the ditch - reason unclear..
Munich guy (32) crashes 400'000 Euro sportscar - again reason unclear.
Especially interesting is, that I found a report of the passenger, which pretty much proves a material defect:

Zitat Forum:
Okay, so I was passenger and most parts of what the newspaper reports are telling is just bullshit. I can remember almost everything.
Ok, so we went off:
About 10 mins later, the rear of the car goes off (we were not driving fast, the engine wasnt even warmed up yet and I felt comfortable) and I see the ditch coming closer and closer.
I think I remember 3-4 rollovers. Everything seemed to be over withing one second.
I have bruises all over my body and the seat belt cut me as well, but at least I wore a seat belt.
Very strange that the passenger airbag wasnt triggered. (does it not have one?)

My dream car almost killed me and I thought motorbiking was dangerous!

[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 10/29/2010:
Short update today with two videos.
First video a Murcielago burns down in Brookly and in the second video a Gallardo veers off to the right and rolls over multiple times after trying to brake at an acceleration race.

Addendum of 11/14/2010:
Last thursday there was a crash with a Lamborghini Diablo GT. This car has only been produced around 80 times and is still worth a lot today. The reason why I report about a crash with a Diablo for the first time is that it happened basically exactly like my accident. The driver reports that the car veered off the road to the right at only 70 km/h and then crashed down the slope and rolled over. You can find a German newspaper report here.

Addendum of 12/28/2010:
On Christmas Eve French soccer player Mathieu Valbuena (Olympique Marseille) crashed with his Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.
Cause for the accident is still unknown.
You can find a French newspaper report here.

Addendum of 02/23/2011:
The Murcielago successor will be presented at the Geneva Auto Salon in the upcoming week.
I wonder how long it will take until I can report the first accident of the brand new Lamborghini Aventador?

Addendum of 03/15/2011:
Apparently I am not the only one who is disappointed with his Lamborghini and their customer service.
On a customer reports lots of problems that you wouldn't expect with a premium supercar.
A chinese customer acts even more rigorous to show his discomfort, when he let his Lamborghini Gallardo be destroyed in public.
Here is the video:

Addendum of 05/24/2011:
Today I was sent exclusive footage from an accident with Murcielago LP640 that happened about 6 months ago already.
Whats especially interesting is, that the driver said that the differential made some problems shortly before the accident while accelerating from a roundabout.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 06/09/2011:
Last sunday another Lamborghini Gallardo crashed on the German Autobahn 67. The source tells about a possible tire failure, but who knows what the real reason for the crash was.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
Addendum of 08/14/2011:
Latest information from Sant'Agata shows that still no Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 has been delivered sofar and the delivery date has been postponed many times.
Audi-CEO Winterkorn himself criticized the quality of the cars. Thats the reason why they have to work on it now. It remains yet to be seen if the current delivery date at the end of August can be maintained and the cars then are of proper quality or not.

Addendum of 08/19/2011:
Not even supercars are safe from recalls. Audi is recalling certain R8 Spyders for a potential fuel leak, caused by the fuel supply line rubbing against the heat shield in the engine compartment. According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this effects droptop R8s built between May 18, 2010 and June 22, 2011. Source:

Addendum of 09/01/2011:
It didn't take very long, but here we have the first crashed Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, although officially delivery hasn't even begun yet. The crash happened near the Italian town of Padova and the source once again reports a sudden crash without any known cause.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 11/14/2011:
Shortly ago another Gallardo burned down in Malaysia. The car suddently burst into flames without a collision or an accident. The source gives a few more details and pictures.

In Australia another Gallardo Super Trofeo burst into flames during a race.
Pictures can be found here.

And in the previous week I received an email from a very angry Lamborghini customer from Mexiko. He wrote that his Murcielago suddenly turned left on a sunny day and made him crash into a wall with 140 kmh. Here are two pictures that he sent me.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 02/18/2012:
The delivery of Lamborghini's latest flagship, the

Lamborghini Aventador

has been delayed many times, as I have been reporting in the addendum of 08/14/2011, because VW-Chairman Martin Winterkorn critizised the quality of those cars.
Well, it looks like deadline pressure caused the first cars to be delivered before all problems have been properly solved. In the well known forum Lambo-Power an Aventador owner describes how he had almost been killed in his newly purchased Aventador going 0 mph.
He reports that the car stalled in the middle of an intersection and a bus almost hit him, because of a gearbox failure, while he was trying to cross that intersection in the first gear.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 03/09/2012:
Again bad news from the Lamborghini Aventador. Famous soccer player and model Cristiano Ronaldo had to have his Aventador towed, because it wouldnt start in Madrid a few nights ago.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 04/15/2012:
Here we go again with the next Lamborghini Aventador that burned down. A customer drove the dealership's car on the 73 Freeway near Los Angeles, when the fire happened.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
There is also a video which I found on Youtube:

Addendum of 07/04/2012:
Lamborghini burned down

Eight years after my accident another Murcielago burned down after a crash.
It looks like some part of the brake disk is missing on the first picture.

Addendum of 09/04/2012:
In the past few weeks there were quite a few new incidents with Lamborghinis.
Two Lamborghinis crashed within a day (German)
LP640 crashes and burns in the US
Especially the incident from the US shows similar driftmarks and skidmarks like my own accident. Of course TV and press report "very high speed", as a possible cause for the accident. In the same time they report that a Toyota was allegedly racing with the Murcielago. Not to have a patch on Toyota, but the speed couldn't have been too high in that case.

I was also sent the following interesting video. At 2:35 the Gallardo blows its engine.

Addendum of 09/16/2012:
Lamborghini Gallardo recalled over fire risk
For how many year have I been preaching this already? The pressure on Lamborghini must have become huge, so they can no longer hush this up.

They are recalling 2003 models in 2012!
No way they didnt know about a 9 year old problem long ago. Especially because there has been quite a number of Gallardos sold.
This is incredible, really!

Addendum of 01/28/2013:
Another ugly event that happened to the Gallardo's sibling, the Audi R8:
This Audi R8 was on it's way to the Parx Supercar Show in Mumbai, India but before he got there it burst into flames. Luckily the two occupants got out of the vehicle before the vehicle was engulfed in fire.

Addendum of 04/06/2013:
Here we can witness the next Lamborghini Aventador, that burst into flames after an accident. The accident and fire happened in Taiwan and driver was businessman Ye Maohong, who was travelling with chinese pornstar Peng Xuanrong in the passenger seat.
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]
[ Click the picture to enlarge ]

Addendum of 05/02/2013:
Another very tragic and mysterious accident happened 3 months ago in Florida. While researching further details of the circumstances I came across the following quote: "I have heard from a mutual friend but cannot confirm that there was some sort of mechanical issue with the rear wheel that caused the accident. A loose wheels nut or something. The police do not suspect that they were racing as they crossed the median and hit the GTR head on."

Addendum of 09/04/2013:
Yesterday evening there was another deadly accident with a Gallardo Spyder. It happened on the B9 near the city of Worms in Germany. The car slid off the road for unknown reasons and then slid under the guard rail which immediately killed the driver. The passenger survived badly injured.
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Addendum of 12/25/2013:
Although winter time there have been numerous incidents in the past months, which I had only posted on the Facebook page before. For better information and because not everybody uses Facebook, I would like to add those accidents to the website now. Approximately three weeks ago three Lambos (two Gallardos and an Aventador) burned down after a minor accident on a highway in Malaysia, close to the capital of Kuala Lumpur. The video can be seen here:

Furthermore another Aventador burned down just three days ago after veering off the road for unknown reason. Driver was Lamborghini Supertrofeo Europe racing driver Flavio Pierleoni!
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